Operating the Business Model Level

In the book on business models by Alexander Osterwalder & Yves Pigneut: Business Model Generation (www.businessmodelgeneration.com/) 2009 – nine elements or building blocks are localised in order to create a business model.

9 Elements Become 3 Operational Clusters

Our originals 9 elements can be further organised into 3 clusters:


    3 Operational Clusters

    1. Market relations
      covering customer segment, value propositions, channels and customers relationships,

    2. Production and delivery
      covering key resources, key activities and key partnerships,

    3. Financing
      covering revenue streams and cost structure.


The elements as well as the clusters can be discerned in our original business model illustration:

Each of these clusters will for analytical reasons be dealt with separately on this site, even though they in practice are closely related.