Distance Learning University, Switzerland: Double Bachelor Degree in Economics


[For further information on the programmes offered by Universitäre Fernstudien Schweiz see: www.fernuni.ch/news-en]

Distance Learning University Switzerland is a recent, modern university institute. The Foundation and its entire program has been recognised by the Confederation since 2004. The Distance Learning University Switzerland offers an extensive range of study courses, all of which can be taken by distance learning.

Distance Learning University Switzerland – together with other European Distance Learning universities – provides open and flexible learning. The student determines how and when to study and assumes responsibility for following it through. This form of study offers maximum flexibility through the application of teaching and learning methods such as e-learning and through learning communities, and thus makes lifelong learning for working people possible.

Since 2006/2007 Universitäre Fernstudien. Schweiz has offered an undergraduate degree programme in economics leading to a double degree, one French and the other Swiss. The programme is offered in co-operation with the Université Pierre Mendès France, Grenoble (France).

The programme is an example of a joint degree programme created in order to facilitate customers, students and companies with branches or business interests in both countries.

The course uses both Swiss and French specific content and is strongly connected to the economics of both countries, enabling students to manage the interaction between the economic environment and the enterprises in which they are working. It has 79 students this year (2010).

The programme is a formal degree programme leading to a BA degree with 180 ECTS. A Master degree of 60 ECTS is developed on top of the BA degree. Like other courses, it has been developed in response to a market analysis and direct requests from third parties.

Course delivery is through blended learning, supported by a mentoring and tutoring system which offers flexibility in time and in space.


The Double Bachelor in Economics is a programme offered to French speaking students in both Switzerland and France through face-to-face and distance learning channels.

How the programme is delivered

The course is offered as a blended learning study.

Reasons for success

The course fills a gap in the market; the course is high quality and informed by the latest research; the course is easily accessible; there are no qualifications for entry; fees are affordable; the teaching is done at a time and place and through media which best suits the students; the accreditation is valued; the stakeholders collaborate in the production and/or delivery of the course; the infrastructure is first class; etc.

The current needs of the labour market and the demand of potential students or traditional students are taken into account in developing new programmes.

A double diploma; Swiss and French specific content relate to both countries. Close connection with the economical reality of France and Switzerland. At the end of the studies the students will be able to manage interaction between the economical environment and enterprises in which they are now working or in which they will be working.

    This program meets the following needs:

    • a need for French speaking students to be given a distance learning option

    • a need for a double degree accreditation to be recognised in Switzerland and France

    • a need for time/space convenience

    • a need for synchronous learning and a chance to interact with peers in both a face-to-face and online learning environment

    • a need for retrieving learning materials asynchronously


What makes the Double Bachelor Programme different and worthy of interest:

Market Relations

The value proposition offered with these blended courses is one which offers students the benefits from blended learning. Students are given flexibility and service and they reap the rewards of learning both in collaboration with others in a face-to-face environment as well as in an online environment.

Apart from the core contents of the course (which are didactically processed according
to the requirements of the correspondence course), the virtual dimension of courses offer the opportunity for discussion in forums (newsgroups), chats or through videoconferences.

The acquired knowledge and skills can be checked in online tests. Information to relevant literature or direct access to libraries or specific information (e.g. links to interesting websites) complement the course program.

The university provides through its distance learning system, constant contact to mentors, who evaluate course progress and ensure excellent support of the students. They also endeavour to provide immediate feedback and communication within the online system support.

Production and Delivery

The programme is delivered as blended learning offer with a mentoring/tutoring system and furthermore provides students with flexibility in time and in space

Regular face-to-face courses as well as the support of the students with the use of multimedia tools are the core of the teaching system. Thanks to the flexibility of teaching and learning processes, students are offered optimal conditions for completing higher education studies in parallel to their professional and family lives.


The student fees for Bachelor degrees are as follows:

Part time studies CHF 2450.-
Full time CHF 2800.-

The costs are covered by government grants and student fees in the proportion 66:33.


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