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This site contains 3 sections of content:




In Key Considerations - the first part of this site, we are introduced to the definition of lifelong learning

In this section, which is accessible through a singular page- Defining Lifelong Learning, we take a very brief look at the European visions and recommendations for Lifelong Learning. We also cover some of the main recommendations set out for Universities in Europe.



Considering Strategies and Business Models - sets out to present a definition of  strategies and business models within the context of educational institutions

In this second section we are setting up guidelines that address many of the pertinent questions related to success criteria and obstacles for building strategies and business models for lifelong learning. 

Critical factors influencing the successful implementation of lifelong learning are highlighted throughout. 

Institutional prerequisites and their application to market relations, production and delivery, financing are exemplified with links to best cases through pop-ups. 

Beginning with Operating the Strategy Level, we can access these cases via pop-ups that exemplify different university strategies as well as the market relations, production and delivery and the financial aspects of different business models.

The cases in question are furthermore individually explored in the last section entitled Examples of Implementation.



Exploring Strategies and Business Models, is where we present an overview of present cases of universities that have successfully implemented lifelong learning

In this third section we visit 12 Examples of Implementation at 12 different universities within Europe.

There is, in this section, also a link back to pop-ups for each singular case, that exemplify how that particular institution has successfully approached market relations, production and delivery or financing.