USBM Project Remit

The remit for this online guide can be seen in the light of the USBM project description which aims to help universities enter the lifelong learning field by providing a support framework for the implementation of lifelong learning programmes:

" With this project we intend to break down the barriers for authorities and universities who wish to promote lifelong learning, but are paralysed by the lack of sustainable strategies and business models. "

Within this wider remit, feedback and results from successful institutional strategies for implementing LLL have been gathered from among 14 members within EADTU: European Association of Distance Teaching Universities.

This online guide has captured and organised a number of these successful institutional strategies and presented them with a range of supporting resources ( such as descriptions of strategies and business models).

We hope that this guide will be an inspiration to universities wishing to enter the lifelong learning field.

2 Reports which have formed the basis of the USBM Project

This site is informed by 2 reports: "Organising Lifelong Learning" which sets out to inform stakeholders (universities, governments, social partners, businesses) of the opportunities and possibilities for operating lifelong learning, and "Showcases of University Strategies and Business Models for Lifelong Learning".

The latter report is based on experiences of implementing lifelong learning in universities. These experiences have been collected for the USBM project among the consortium partners, in an effort to pinpoint and share breakthrough practices.


These 2 reports present the first findings of the USBM project and are accessible online:


Showcase of University Strategies and Business Models for Lifelong Learning

The report entitled "Showcases of University Strategies and Business Models for Lifelong Learning" gathers results from a synthesis of the findings from questionnaires that have been analysed earlier in the USBM project.

"Showcases of University Strategies and Business Models for Lifelong Learning" (EADTU 2010) by Luis Tinoca and Martin Watkinson, can be accessed online on the EADTU site.


Organising Lifelong Learning

If you wish to learn more about the background of LLL in Europe, please refer to the first chapter of "Organising Lifelong Learning".

This report deals with the historical overview of the origin of LLL on the european policy scene and frames the central questions that need to be taken into account when considering implementing lifelong learning.

"Organising Lifelong Learning" (EADTU 2010) by Jørgen Bang, can be accessed online on the EADTU site.