LLL Related Projects

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The FLLLEX project addresses the challenges and implications of LifeLong Learning incorporation into European higher education institutions.

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SIRUS aims to support Europe's universities in implementing the commitments made in the European Universities' Charter on Lifelong Learning and thus assist them in developing their specific role as lifelong learning institutions forming a central pillar of the Europe of Knowledge.






OBSERVAL is a European project granted by the Leonardo da Vinci programme. EUCEN, the European University Continuing Education Network, is the leader of this project. Partners are teams in 24 countries of the European Union representing the different educational sectors (higher education, vocational education and training, adult education). 

The main objective of this project is to create a database on validation of non formal and informal learning in European countries, which will be regularly updated, available in a European Observatory and accessible by Internet. The perspective is to provide documents useful for a large range of actors (decision makers at national and institutional level, social partners, human resources managers, people in charge of validation, ...) which are usually confidential or limited in use and dissemination outside the country or the Region or the institution where they have been produced. The project aims at presenting them on common formats in a way that facilitates understanding and allows comparison.






(A Lifelong Learning University Model for Europe)

The lifelong learning perspective is the backbone of the European education and training strategy. This strategy has been reinforced by additional initiatives aiming to contribute to its implementation. Although the emphasis on LLL has been gradually increasing in HE, the results of surveys (Trends V, Beflex) show a contrasted situation between countries and institutions. There is no common understanding, no real commitment from a majority of rectors, no clear vision of what has to be done. However, the universities' commitment is crucial to reinforce the contribution of education and training to achieving the Lisbon objectives. Access and participation in HE of young generations but also of populations already engaged in working life is crucial.